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  • 421098P Display PCB Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine

421098P Display PCB Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine


421098P Display PCB Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

421098P Display PCB Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine

This is a genuine Fisher and Paykel replacement part. All Fisher and Paykel Spare parts come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Mr Appliance Offers a Price Match Guarantee on all Genuine Fisher and Paykel Appliance Spare Parts.

Suits Models: 

Model                    Product Code                                    Motor Controller     Display Module

GW511                  93149                                                  420690NZP                421098P
GW512                  93195-A 93195-B 93122-A 93209-A        421234NAP               421098P
GW512                  93184-A 92170                                     420690NZP                421098P
GW611                  93151                                                  420690NZP                421098P
GW612                  93185-A 93172
GW612                  93124-A 93196-A 93196-B 93201-A        
GW711                  93151                                                  
GW712                  93187-A 93187-B 93173                        420690NZP                421098P
GW712                  93131-A 93200-A 93200-B 93210-A        421234NAP               421098P

WA55T56GW1       92160-A                                               421389NAP              421098P
WA55T56GW1       93204-A                                               421297NAP              421098P
WA65T60GW1       92164-A                                               421389NAP              421098P
WA65T60GW1       93205-A                                               421297NAP              421098P
WA70T60GW1       92146-A 92129-A                                  421297NAP              421098P
WA75T65GW1       93206-A                                               421297NAP              421098P
WA75T65GW1       92169-A                                               421389NAP              421098P
WA80T65GW1       92193-A 92133-A                                  421297NAP              421098P

Weight 300 kg