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C828124X Upper Spray Arm Venturi Dishlex Dishwasher


C828124X Upper Spray Arm Venturi Dishlex Dishwasher. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

C282124X This is upper Venturi is suitable for a range of dishwasher models and brands.It is located in the top section of the dishwasher and comes as a complete assembly.

Suits Vulcan Global, Simpson Silencio, Chef, and Westinghouse Freestyle models. This venturi is connected to the upper basket and the upper spray arm attaches to it.

Mr Appliance can supply a complete range of genuine replacement parts for Dishlex Dishwashers

This is a Genuine Electrolux dishwasher partElectrolux are the owners of the AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often crossover between parts for all these brands.

Suits Models: DX310SA*00 DX300WA*03 52B980SG 52B850SG DX300IWW DX300IBK DX300ISB DX300FWW DX300FBK DX300FBS DX300KA*00 DX300WA*00 DX300SA*00 DX300KA*03 DX310SA*01 DX450IWW DX450IBK DX450ISB DX450FWW DX450FBK DX300KA*02 DX300SA*02 DX300WA*02 52B850SH*01 52B850WH*01 52B950WH*01 52B950WHincorrect 52B950WH*01 52B980SH*01 52B980WH*01 DX300KA*01 DX300SA*01 DX300WA*01 DX100KA*01 DX100KA*02 DX100SA*01 DX100SA*02 DX100WA*01 DX100WA*02 K100WA*00 K100WA*01 K100WA*02 52B850WH*04 52B855SH*04 52B950WH*04 52B980WH*04 52B985SH*04 DX310SA 52B855SH*00 52B985SH*00 8945WW 8945BK 8947BK 8947WW 8948BK 8948WW 8965BK 8965SB 8965WW 8985BK 8985SB 8985WW 8987BK 8987SB 8987WW 8988BK 8988WW 8967BK 8967SB 8967WW 8968BK 8968WW DX500IWW DX500IBK DX500ISB DX500FWW DX500FBK DX500FBS SB92OWH*04 SB921KH*04 SB930SH*04 SB931SH*04 SB932SH*04 SB920WH*04 SB905WH*04 SB9o5WH*04 DX450KA*00 DX450IKA*00 DX450SA*00 DX450WA*00 DX450IWA*00 DX100KA*03 DX100SA*03 DX100WA*03 K100WA*03 8903WW 8904WW SB930SH*00 SB931SH*00 SB932SH*00 8941WW 8971WW 8942WW 8972WW 8943WW 8973WW 52B850SH*00 DX450KA*02 52B850WH*00 DX450IKA*02 52B950WH*00 DX450SA*02 DX450WA*02 52B980SH*00 52B980WH*00 DX450IWA*02 8905WW 8907WW DX100KA*00 DX100SA*00 DX100WA*00 DX450KA*01 DX450IKA*01 DX450SA*01 DX450WA*01 DX450IWA*01 DX500KA*OO DX500IKA*00 DX500SA*OO DX500WA*OO DX500IWA*OO SB920WH*00 SB920SH*00 SB921WH*00 SB921KH*00 SB921SH*00 DX150WA*00 SB920SH SB920WH*01 SB921KH SB921SH SB921WH*01 SB922SH*01 SB905WH*01 DX45OIWW DX45OIBK DX45OISB DX45OFWW DX45OFBK DX500KA*02 DX500IKA*02 DX500SA*02 DX500WA*02 DX500IWA*02 DX500KA*00 DX500SA*00 DX500WA*00 DX500IWA*00 DX150FWW*A DX150MWW*A DX150IWW*A 8915BK 8915WW 8917BK 8917WW 8931WW 8932WW 8933WW 8913BK 8913WW 8914BK 8951WW 8952WW 8914SB 8914WW 8953WW 8916WW DX460SA*00 DX500KA*01 DX500IKA*01 DX500SA*01 DX500WA*01 DX500IWA*01 8955WW 8956WW 8957WW DX200FBK DX200FWW DX200IWW DX200IBK DX510SA*00 52B850SH 52B980SH SB947AH*00 DX150WA*01 K150WA*00 K150WA*01 52B850SG*00 52B850WG*00 52B950WG*00 52B980SG*00 52B980WG*00 DXCLRIWW*A DXCLRISB*A DXCLRFWW*A SB920WG*00 SB921KG*00 SB921SG*00 SB921WG*00 DX100FBK*A DX100FBS*A DX100FWW*A DX100IWW*A SB905WG*00 8935WW 8937WW DX150WA*02 K150WA*02

Weight 300 kg