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Thank you for visiting Mr Appliance. To allow us to assist you in a rapid manner, our preferred contact method is by through our specialised online forms below. 

Our stock is professionally warehoused and dispatched by a third party company in Western Sydney. Our dispatch service is second to none, but we do not currently offer a pickup service.

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Hot Tip: Most Common Questions are covered by the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Looking for something? We can help with almost any part for any brand

We are able to provide any appliance parts for almost any brand of appliance, whether or not it is listed on the website. If you are looking for a part which you cannot find on the site, or want to check that a particular part will fit your appliance, please use this form to contact us.

Following up your order? 

If you have already received a shipment tracking number, please use that number to track your shipment directly with the courier company. As a general rule it can take between 1 and 9 business days to dispatch goods. In the rare instance that it's longer than than and you haven't heard from us about it, please use the form below and we'll let you know what's happening.

To Follow up your outstanding order, please Contact Us

Wish to return a part?

We do offer change of mind refunds under certain circumstances. Please use the link below to request a return of a part. If your return request is within our terms, we will advise you instructions on returning the part. We use third party logistics, and they are unable to credit our orders, so please DO NOT simply "RTS" your parts. Parts may not be refunded, or returned to you if you return them there without our prior authorisation.   

To Request a parts return, Contact Us