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Communications with MrAppliance

Mr Appliance receives up to 50 orders a day. The vast majority of those go smoothly and without incident, but like any business we are not perfect. Over the past few years, Mr Appliance, like so many others, suffered from staff shortages, and we acknowledge that during that time, on those occasions that something went awry, we we did not always communicate very well with those customers. We apologise for that, and would like to share with our customers what we have done to improve this service. 

What you should expect from us by way of communications.

When you place your order.
You will receive an email confirming that you have purchased a part from Mr Appliance which includes the order number part numbers and delivery address. If these are not correct, please reply to the email so we can make any changes. 

Important - If you do not get this email, please check your Spam folder. This email is automatically generated by our website, and sometimes Spam filters will recognise that and block them. 

Our sales team will then check the order and release it for picking into the warehouse. If everything is ok with the order, you will receive another email at that time to advise that it will leave our warehouse within 24 hours with the selected courier. All the parts listed on Mr Appliance are items which are held in stock at our warehouse, and over 96% of parts will dispatch on time. 

If there is a delay.
Occasionally out of stocks do occur. When this happens, we will email you and advise you that there’s a delay. It’s usually only 1-5 days, as it’s awaiting restocking from a supplier. Very rarely there may be an extended delay, and if this happens we will attempt to advise you of a due date, if we know it. You are fully entitled to cancel the order and receive a full refund, which are always processed within a 48 hours. Again, just reply to the email. 

When the courier picks up your order.
You will receive another email from our logistics partners advising of the tracking information. Here you can see where your parcel is and when it will be delivered. 

If you need to contact us for any reason.
Please use the forms on our contact page. We answer all emails promptly, and can resolve any issues there. Mr Appliance is an online only business. We stopped advertising a phone number in 2017, although we kept the number active for a while after that. In 2020, when staff went to work from home, that phone number did not make that journey with them, and that is why it’s no longer answered. Please contact us by email if you need us, and we will answer you promptly.