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  • 140028861452 Power PC Board Electrolux Oven/Stove

140028861452 Power PC Board Electrolux Oven/Stove


140028861452 Power PC Board Electrolux Oven/Stove. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

140028861452 Power PC Board Electrolux Oven/Stove

This is a genuine Electrolux spare part . Electrolux also markets the Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Chef, Simpson, Dishlex, Vintec and AEG appliance brands. There is often cross-compatibility between parts for these brands. We can supply a complete range of Electrolux Spare parts, so if the Electrolux part you need is not on our website, please get in contact with us. All our Electrolux Spare parts come with a 1 year warranty.

We can help you with all Electrolux Oven/Stove Spare Parts. We can supply a wide range of Wall Oven, Stove, Upright Range, Freestanding Cooker, Gas and electric Cooktop spare parts for all brands.

May also be knowns as: M1562442, W0366579, 2595404

Mr Appliance was one of Australia’s first Online Appliance Spare Parts companies way back in 2011. Since then our experienced team has helped over 100,000 customers.

Suitable for Electrolux Oven/Stove models including: EVEP614DSE, EVE615DSE, EVEP615DSE, EVEP616DSE, EVEP618DSE, EVEP916DSE, EVEP619DSE, WVEP618DSD, WVEP617SC, BPK75891PT, BSK774320M, BSK77438PT, WFEP917DSD, EFEP916DSE, WVEP617DSC, WVEP627DSC, WVEP917DSC, FRVEP615SC, BEK722910B, EVE915DSEA, WVEP6716SD, WVEP6716DD, WVEP6717DD, WVEP6918DD, WVEP6727DD, WVEP9917DD, WVEP9716SD, WFEP9717DD, WVE9915SDA, WVE9915DDA, WVEP615SC, WVEP615WC, WVE915SCA, WVE915DSCA, CVEP614DB, BSK77238PT, 94403189200, 94403189300, 94403189400, 94403189500, 94403189700, 94403190100, 94403191100, 94403191200, 94403192206, 94403192400, 94418806702, 94418855200, 94059849402, 94059853600, 94403182206, 94403183506, 94059849413, 94403184701, 94403184713, 94403192706, 94403193600, 94403193700, 94430001500, 94430001600, 94430001900, 94430002100, 94430002600, 94430004600, 94430005400, 94430005200, 94430004700, 94430004800, 94403182008, 94403182108, 94403186301, 94403188401, 94403190708, 94418868800

If you aren’t sure if this part will suit your appliance, or have any questions – don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Attention: Electronic components in appliances can appear to be faulty when they may not be. PCB’s that are faulty are ofter the result of a fault in another component, such as a pump or heater, and fitting a new board to the machine can result in damage to the new board as well. Electronic components can in some cases be damaged by static electricity, water, or some other factor. For these reasons Mr Appliance can not accept returns of PCB’s under any circumstances. The PCB is covered by a statutory manufacturer’s but the failure rate on new PCB’s is extremely low. (less than 0.4%) If you claim warranty the PCB will be subject to testing by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer accepts the warranty, which is unlikely, only then can we will send you a replacement PCB. We recommend that you use a qualified service technician to diagnose and test your machine prior to purchasing a circuit board. You should only purchase a circuit board if you are absolutely sure it is the problem, and that there are no other problems in your machine.