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  • 0004008225 Burner Cap (72mm) Electrolux Cooktop

0004008225 Burner Cap (72mm) Electrolux Cooktop


0004008225 Burner Cap (72mm) Electrolux Cooktop. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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This is a genuine Chef burner cap and the chef part suits a large range of gas cooktops. The burner cap is made from high quality cast material and will give many years of service. The burner cap is easy to install and is almost flat on the rear.

The diameter of the cap is 70mm across

Suits burner distributor: P/N 450683

Electrolux are the owners of the AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often crossover between parts for all these brands.

Suits Models: GHH90W*00 GHH90S*00 GHH90K*00 GUG584*01 GUG583*01 GUG582*01 GUG581*01 GUG525B*01 GUG162B*01 GUG523R*01 GUG502R*01 GUG511W*01 GUG511SW*01 GUG511SB*01 GUG511HW*01 GUG511B*01 GUG584*02 GUG583*02 GUG582*02 GUG581*02 GUG525B*02 GUG162B*02 GUG523R*02 GUG502R*02 GUG511W*02 GUG511SW*02 GUG511SB*02 GUG511HW*02 GUG511B*02 GUG584*00 GUG583*00 GUG582*00 GUG581*00 GUG525B*00 GUG162B*00 GUG523R*00 GUG502R*00 GUG534W*02 GUG528W*02 GUG524W*02 GUG534W*01 GUG528W*01 GUG524W*01 GHC10W*00 GHC10WN*00 GHC30W*00 GHC42GBK*00 GHC42GW*00 GHC44GBK*00 GHC44GW*00 GHC92GW*00 GHC30B*05 GHC42GB*05 GHC42GK*05 GHH11S*00 GHH11W*00 72C311S*00 GHH30K*00 GHH30W GHH30W*00 GHH16K*00 GHH16S*00 GHH16W*00 GHH10W*00 GHH95K*00 72C311W*00 GHF17W*00 GHF17S*00 GHH95S*00 GHH95W*00 GHE52GBKNG*00 GHE20GBKNG*00 GHE20GBKTG*00 GHE20GBKLP*00 GHE52GBKTG*00 GHE52GBKLP*00 GHE11BKNG*00 GHE11BKTG*00 GHE24GBKNG*00 GHE24GBKTG*00 GHE24GBKLP*00 GHE11BKLP*00 GHE14BKNG*00 GHE14BKTG*00 GHE14BKLP*00 GHE11B*05 GHE11W*05 GHE11K*05 GHE20GB*05 GHE20GW*05 GHE20GK*05 GHE24GB*05 GHE24GW*05 GHE24GK*05 GHE52GB*05 GHE52GW*05 GUC411W*00 CASUARINA GUC411W*00 GUC413W*00 WARATAH GUC413W*00 GUH411W*00 GUH412W*00 GUH415W*00 GUH418W*00 GUG411W*01 GUF511B*00 GUG412HS*01 GUG412HW*01 GUG414W*01 GUF511W*00 GUF511SB*00 GUF511SW*00 GUF511HW*00 GHC101VW*00 GUG524W*00 GUG528W*00 GUG534W*00 GHH44K*00 GHH92K*00 GHH92S*00 GHH44W*00 GHH92W*00 GUG411W*00 GUG412HS*00 GUG412HW*00 GUG414W*00 71C211W*00 71C213W*00

Weight 150 kg