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  • 0045001064 Hinge Door Oven Chef, Simpson, Westinghouse

0045001064 Hinge Door Oven Chef, Simpson, Westinghouse


0045001064 Hinge Door Oven Chef, Simpson, Westinghouse. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

0045001064 Hinge Door Oven Chef, Simpson, Westinghouse

This is a genuine Electrolux replacement part. All Electrolux Spare parts come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Electrolux are the owners of the AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often crossover between parts for all these brands. Mr Appliance Offers a Price Match Guarantee on all Genuine electrolux Spare Parts.

This hinge will fit both the left and the right side of the door. It is sold individually.

Replaces the following part numbers: 0045001063, 6219570, 1556564 1556254

Suits models: GWH745W*13 GWH745W*05 GWH745S*05 GWH745K*05 POH774W*11 POH774S*11 POH773W*11 75C975W*13 75C975W*11 75C974W*11 75C975S*13 75C975S*11 EDCD691W*03 EDCD691S*03 85E726W 85E726S POH688K*11 POH688S*11 POH688W*11 DSJ638SLP DSJ638SNG GSC6615S GSC6615W GSC6635K GSC6635S GSC6635W GSC6655S GSC6655W EOC611S EOC611W EOC641K EOC641S EOC641W EOC671BS EOC671S EOC671SA EOC671TN EOC671TR EOC671W EOC691K EOC691K*03 EOC691S EOC691S*03 EOC691W EOC691W*03 EXC611S EXC611W EXC641K EXC641S EXC641W EXC691S EXC691S*03 EXC691W*03 EXC691W EOS611S EOS611W EOS631K EOS631S EOS631W EOS671S EOS671W GXC611SLP GXC611SNG GXC611WLP GXC611WNG GXC641KLP GXC641KNG GXC641SLP GXC641SNG GXC641WLP GXC641WNG GXC651KLP GXC651KNG GXC651SLP GXC651SNG GXC651WLP GXC651WNG GXC651KLP*03 GXC651KNG*03 GXC651SLP*03 GXC651SNG*03 GXC651WLP*03 GXC651WNG*03 EGC631S EGC631W EGC651S EGC651W EGC651S*03 EGC651W*03 63C904S*11 63C904S*13 63C904W*11 63C904W*13 63C906S*11 63C906S*13 63C906W*11 63C906W*13 63C911S*11 63C911W*11 83E706S 83E706W 83E711S 83E711W 83E712S 83E712W POVJ782S*04 POVJ782W*04 PDVJ792S*04 PDVJ792W*04 PGH658S PGH658S*14 PGH658S*15 PGH658W PGH658W*14 63C807S*11 63C807S*13 63C807W*11 63C807W*13 63C808S*11 63C808S*13 63C808W*11 63C808W*13 63C844S*11 63C844W*11 EDC691S EDC691S*03 EDC691W EDC691W*03 EPSC631S EPSC631W 66E202W 66E204W 66E207S 66E207W PSJ633S 88E736S 88E736W 88E738S 88E738W 88E736S*02 GWH745S*13 88E736W*02 88E738S*02 88E738W*02 GWH472S*05 GWH472W*05 EDCD691S EDCD691W 83E706S*02 83E706W*02 83E711S*02 83E711W*02 83E712S*02 83E712W*02 85E726S*01 EPSZ611S EPSZ611W EPSZ631S EPSZ631W 85E726S*02 85E726W*01 85E726W*02 GOCE671BS GOCE671SA GOCE671S GOCE671TN GOCE671TR GOCE671W 86E217SLP 86E217SNG 86E217WLP 86E217WNG GOS611S GOS611W GOS631K GOS631S GOS631W GGC641S GGC641W POH698S*11 POH698W*11 POH698S*13 POH698W*13 GWH476K*05 GWH476K*13 GWH476S*05 GWH476W*05 GWH476W*13 GWH476S*13 63C912S*11 63C912W*11 POH667K*11 75C804W*11 75C805S*11 POH667S*11 POH667W*11 75C805W*11 75C805S*13 75C805W*13 POH678K*11 POH678S*11 POH678W*11 POJ767A POJ787A EPCC681S EPCC681S*03 EPCC681W EPCC681W*03 PSJ633S*13 POH777K*11 POH777S*11 POH777W*11 87E716S 87E716W 75C986W*11 75C986S*11

Weight 500 kg