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0055200057 Pressure Switch Tube Universal Dishwasher


0055200057 Pressure Switch Tube Universal Dishwasher. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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0055200057​ Pressure Switch Tube – (5m)

Supersedes the W019 and W019-1 part numbers.

Tubing for pressure switch applications in Dishwashers and Washing Machines

Universal Hoses and Accessories will fit a wide variety of Washing machines and dishwashers.

Replaces part numbers 366160, W019, W019-1, 1242657912 and 0055400032

models include: 22S750J*02 22S741J*02 22P650J*02 22S700H*01 22S741H*02 22S740H*02 22S741H*01 22S740H*01 22P600H*01 52A960BB 52A960BW 52A960IB 52A960IW 52A980BB 52A980BW 52B980BW000 52B960IW000 52B960BB000 52B960BW000 52B960IW*03 52B960BW*04 52A906BW 52B960IB000 52B980BB000 52B960IB*02 52B960IW*04 52B980BB*02 52B980BW*03 52B960BB*02 52B960BB*03 52B960BW*03 52B980BB*03 52B980BW*04 52B960IB*03 52A960BB 52A960BW 52A960IB 52A960IW 52A980BB 52A980BW SA906BE*00 SA906B*00 SA906B*01 SA906B*02 SA906B*03 SA906B*04 SA906B*05 SA906BE*01 SA906BE*02 SA906BE*03 SA908B*00 SA908B*01 SA908B*02 SA908B*03 52B900BC*00 52B900BC*01 52B900BC*02 52B900BC*03 52B900BW*00 52B900BW*01 52B900BW*02 52B900BW*03 52B900IC*00 52B900IC*01 52B900IC*02 52B900IC*03 52B900IW*00 52B900IW*01 52B900IW*02 52B900IW*03 L62800 91452515900 914525159 LL1620 914525331 L50600 91452403200 L86800 91452533200 91452403201 52B966BW*03 52B964BW*02 52B972WE*00 52B971WD*00 52B970WD*00 SB912WD*00 SB911WD*00 SB911KD*00 SB910WD*00 SA906BE*04 SA906BE*05 SA906BE*06 SB906B*01 SB908B*01 52B960BW*05 52B9601W*04 52B964BW*01 52B966BW*02 52B960IW*04 52B900BC*04 52B900BW*04 52B900IC*04 52B900IW*04 SB920WE*00 SB921KE*00 SB921WE*00

Weight 500 kg