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0122004421 Element Ego L/Prof 2000W Chef


Element Ego L/Prof 2000W Chef. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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This Large 2000W 180mm high profile solid hot plate. Oven part 0122004421. Suits a range of Electrolux cooktops

Electrolux are the owners of the AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often crossover between parts for all these brands.

Suits: PAK144W PAK501RS PAK501RS*03 PAK520W PAJ144W*13 PAJ144W*19 PAJ501RS*13 PAJ501RS*19 PAJ520W*13 PAJ520W*19 EUC5140W*04 EUC5140W*19 EUC5140W*20 EUC5340W*04 EUC5340W*19 EUC5340W*20 EUC5370W*04 EUC5370W*19 EUC5370W*20 PHL266K*00 PHL266W*00 PHL266K*01 PHL266W*01 PHL466K*00 PHL466W*00 PHL466K*01 PHL466W*01 PAJ520W*00 61F811W 61F813W 61F920W 61F920WP 61F925W PPL775W EUC5340W EUC5370W PAJ144W*27 PAJ501RS*27 61D811W*19 61D813W*04 PAJ520W*27 61D920W*15 61D920W*19 61D925W*15 61D925W*19 EEC1350W-L EEC1350W-R EEC1350W-L*20 EEC1350W-R*20 PHH255CW*12 PHH255K*12 PHH255W*12 PHH266K*12 PHH266W*12 PHH365K*12 PHH365W*12 PHH466W*12 PHH466K*12 PAK520W*40 PAJ501RS*00 PAJ144W*00 EBC5211W EBC5231W EBC5271W EBC5451W 61D811W*00 61D925W*00 EUC5140W 66E202W EBC5040W 64C354W*14 64C825W*14 EBC5040W*04 5040W*19 EBC5040W*20 61F811W*01 61F813W*01 EEC1350W-L*27 EEC1350W-R*27 EEC1350W-L*29 EEC1350W-R*29 EHS910W*11 64C354W*08 EPSZ611W EPSZ631W 75C805W*08 EBC5211W*04 EBC5231W*04 POH774W*08 PHH466K*07 PHH466K*08 PHH466W*07 PHH466W*08 PHH266K*08 PHH266MK*08 PHH266W*08 PHL266K*26 PHL266W*26 PHL466K*26 PHL466W*26 61D813W*19 EBC5040W*19

Weight 1000 kg