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  • 0208400158G Upper Door Seal Dishlex Global Dishwasher

0208400158G Upper Door Seal Dishlex Global Dishwasher


0208400158G Upper Door Seal Dishlex Global Dishwasher. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

Simpson Vulcan Global, Silencio and Freestyle upper door seal. Dishwasher part 0208400158G.

Electrolux are the owners of the AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often crossover between parts for all these brands.

Replaces the following part numbers: 0208400159, 0208400151G, 0208400132, 0208400154, 1611517, 1611672, 1611362, 1610336, 1615463, 1614808, 1611093

Suits models: DX302SJ-AA*00, DX302WJ-AA*00, DX302SJ-AA*01, DX302WJ-AA*01, DX310SA*01, DX300WA*03, 52B850SH, 52B980SH, SB921WH*04, EX302WB*00, EX302SB*00, EX403SB*00, EX403WB*00, EX403IWB*00, SB920SH, SB921KH, SB921SH, 52B870WJ*02, 52B870SJ*02, 52B890WJ*02, 52B870SJ*03, 52B870WJ*03, 52B890SJ*03, 52B890SJ*02, 52B870SJ*05, 52B870WJ*05, 52B890SJ*05, 52B890WJ*05, 52B850SJ*01, 52B850WJ*01, 52B850SJ*02, 52B850WJ*02, 52B890WJ*03, DX403SB*04, DX403SB*05, DX403WB*04, DX403WB*05, DX403IWB*04, DX403IWB*05, SB907SJ*03, SB915SJ*04, SB907WJ*03, SB915WJ*04, SB925SJ*03, SB915KJ*03, SB915SJ*02, SB907SJ*02, DX102WJ*00, SB907WJ*05, SB907SJ*05, SB925SJ*04, SB915KJ*04, SB907SJ*04, SB915WJ*03, SB915SJ*03, SB925SJ*02, SB915WJ*02, SB915KJ*02, SB907WJ*02, DX302ISJ*00, DX102WJ*01, DX102SJ*01, SB907WJ*07, SB907SJ*07, EX302SB*02, EX302SB*03, EX302WB*02, EX302WB*03, EX403SB*02, EX403SB*03, EX403WB*02, EX403WB*03, SB907WJ*04, DX102SJ*00, DX403IWB*02, DX403IWB*01, DX302WB*02, DX403WB*03, DX403SB*03, DX302SB*02, DX403WB*01, EX403WB*01, DX403WB*02, DX102WB*02, EX600ISB*01, DX403SB*02, DX102SB*02, DX302WB*03, DX102WB*01, DX403IWB*03, DX302SB*03, DX102SB*01, DX403SB*01, EX403SB*01, EX600ISB*00, DX310SA*00, DX510SA*00, 52B855SH*00, DX460SA*00, SB930SH*00, SB931SH*00, SB932SH*00, SB905WH*04, 52B985SH*00, 52B855SH*04, 52B950WH*04, 52B980WH*04, 52B985SH*04, SB920WH*04, SB921KH*04, 2B921WH*04, SB930SH*04, SB931SH*04, SB932SH*04, 52B850WH*04, DX300KA*03, DX300WA8)3, DX310SA*03, SB947AH*00, K150WA*02, DX300, K100WA*03, DX100WA*03, DX100SA*03, DX100KA*00, DX100SA*00, DX100WA*00, DX150WA*00, DX300KA*00, DX300SA*00, DX300WA*00, DX450KA*00, DX450IKA*00, DX450SA*00, DX450WA*00, DX450IWA*00, DX100KA*03, DX500IWA*00, DX500KA*00, DX500IKA*00, DX500SA*00, K100WA*00, DX100KA*01, DX100KA*02, DX100SA*01, DX100SA*02, DX100WA*01, DX100WA*02, K100WA*01, K100WA*02, K150WA*00, DX150WA*01, DX500WA*00, K150WA*01, DX300KA*01, DX300SA*01, DX300WA*01, DX450KA*01, DX450IKA*01, DX450SA*01, DX450WA*01, DX450IWA*01, DX500KA*01, DX500IKA*01, DX500SA*01, DX500WA*01, DX500IWA*01, SB905WH*01, 52B850SH*01, 52B950WH*01, 52B980SH*01, 52B980WH*01, SB920SH*01, SB920WH*01, SB921KH*01, SB921SH*01, SB921WH*01, SB922SH*01, DX500KA*02, DX500IKA*02, DX500SA*02, DX500WA*02, DX500IWA*02, DX450KA*02, DX450IKA*02, DX450SA*02, DX450WA*02, DX450IWA*02, DX300KA*02, DX300SA*02, DX300WA*02, DX150WA*02, 52B980WH*00, 52B850WH*01, SB922SH*00, SB921SH*00, 52B980SH*00, 52B850SH*00, SB921KH*00, SB921WH*00, 52B950WH*00, SB920SH*00, SB920WH*00, 52B850WH*00, SB905WH*00, SB907WJ*00, SB915KJ*00, SB915SJ*00, SB915WJ*00, SB925SJ*00, DX102SB*00, DX102WB*00, DX302SB*00, DX302WB*00, DX403SB*00, DX403WB*00, DX403IWB*00, 52B850SJ*00, 52B850WJ*00, 52B870SJ*00, 52B870WJ*00, 52B890SJ*00, 52B890WJ*00, DX302SB*01, DX302WB*01, 52B870SJ*01, 52B870WJ*01, 52B890SJ*01, 52B890WJ*01, SB907SJ*01, SB907WJ*01, SB915KJ*01, SB915SJ*01, SB915WJ*01, SB925SJ*01, EX302SB*01, EX302WB*01, SB907SJ*00

Weight 250 kg