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  • 0574300016 Simpson Clothes Dryer Timer 150 Minute

0574300016 Simpson Clothes Dryer Timer 150 Minute


0574300016 Simpson Clothes Dryer Timer 150 Minute. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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Genuine Simpson 150 minute clothes dryer timer. The timer has a flat shaft for the knob to fit to.

Below is a list of the dryers thet timer will suit. The list is not exclusive so if you are not sure contact our office prior to purchase

Electrolux are the owners of the AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often crossover between parts for all these brands.

Replaces the following part numbers: 370600, 0574300017, 2090900, 370600, SMD006A, 1586630, 1587183, 1586887, 1654105

Suits models: 39A455S000, 39A450P000, 39A365S000, 39A360P000, 39B360P000, 39B360P100, 39B360P110, 39B360P*01, 39B360P*02, 39B360P*11, 39B365S000, 39B365S100, 39B365S110, 39B365S*01, 39B365S*02, 39B365S*11, 39B450P000, 39B450P100, 39B450P110, 39B450P*01, 39B450P*02, 39B450P*11, 39B455S000, 39B455S100, 39B455S110, 39B455S*01, 39B455S*02, 39B455S*11, 39D361P*01, 39D361P*02, 39D456S*01, 39D456S*02, DC350S*01, DC460S*01, LDE05GSW*04, LDE04GPW*04, DC350S*13, DC460S*13, 39P361E*02, 39P450J*02, 39S457E*02, 39D456S*12, 39S455J*02, 39B365S*13, DC460S*15, 39D361P*13, 39D456S*13, 39P362E*02, 39S457E*01, 39D457S*13, 39P361E*01, 39P362E*01, 39D362P*13, 39B360P*13, 39S456E*01, 39B455S*13, 39D452P*13, 39P452E*02, 39S367E*02, 39S456E*02, 39B365S*12, 39D457S*12, 39P361E*03, 39P362E*03, 39S367E*03, 39P452E*03, 39S456E*03, 39S457E*03, 39S367E*01, 39B455S*12, 39P452E*01, 39B450P*13, 39P350J*02, 39S455K*03, 39P450K*03, 39P350K*03, 39S455K*01, 39P450K*02, 39P450K*01, 39P350K*02, 39P350K*01, 39S455L*00, 39P450L*00, 39S455K*02, 39P350L*00, DB405S010, 39S455J*01, 39P450J*01, 39S355J*01, 39P350J*01, DC460S

Weight 250 kg