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074041 Electronic Timer Delonghi Oven


074041 Electronic Timer Delonghi Oven. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

074041 Electronic Timer, Delonghi Oven

This is a genuine Delonghi replacement part. This part will also suit Kleenmaid, Caple and Davell ovens. All Delonghi and Nespresso Spare parts come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty. This part is sometimes also known as a Control Module or Main PCB.

Replaces part numbers: 074050, 074020, 074021, 074022, 074039, 521156, 11856, 1655822, LED198/029.1BC, DL074041

Suits models: FEG905X, DMFPS, DMFP/S, DSO, DMFPS60, D61GW, DOMFPS, D906G11, D61G11, ESM465S, ESM465ST, ESM495ST, PXDO906, PR100DODF, PR1DO, PR1E60, PR1SO, PR60BIDOE, PR60BISOE, PR60FSDOE, PR90DODF, CD401/2BL, CD401/2GR, CD401/2WH, CD401BL, CD401GR, CD401WH, CD601/2SS, CD601SS, CD620SS, CD9000/2SS, CD9002/1SS, CD9002SS, CD900BL, CD900BR, CD900GR, CD906SS, PC16/1SS, PC16SS, PZ10/1SS, PZ10SS, CK270, CK410, CK440, CK446, CK446FFD, CK447, CK447FFD, CK480, CK487, CK640, CK6401, CK680, CK6801, CK740, CK7401, CK780, CK940, DMFPS60B, DMFPSII, DMFPS60, DMFPS60BF, DMFPW, MFPW, DMFPSI, LMFPS, DMFPS, DOMFPS, DMFPS62, DOMFPSII, DMFPS62B, DOMFPW, DS61E, DMFPS62BF, D61C, D61EII, D61E, A1346G, DS61GW, D61GII, 61G, D61G LPG, D61GW, D61G, D916GWF, D906GII, D906GWF, A106G, D926GII, D926GWF, A1026G.

Weight 500 kg