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  • 354135 Kleenmaid Bosch front load Washing Machine Seal

354135 Kleenmaid Bosch front load Washing Machine Seal


354135 Kleenmaid Bosch front load Washing Machine Seal. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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Front Loading Washing Machine Seal for Kleenmaid and Bosch

This is a replacement part to suit Bosch and Kleenmaid Front loaders. Mr Appliance offers a Price Match Guarantee on all Bosch Appliance Spare Parts

Replaces the following part numbers: 00354135, 1704303, 1734510, 1618327

Suits models: WAE28464GB03 – WFD2073GB05 – WFD2073GB06 – WFD2460GB01, WFD2473GB01 – WFL2000GB01 – WFL2000UK01 – WFL2062GB12, WFL2066GB08 – WFL2260GB01 – WFL2260UK01 – WFL2260UK04, MAXWFB1602 – WFB2000 – WFB2405 – WFL2450 – WFL2450GB04, WFO2866GB05 – WFC2060NL/01 – WFC2060GB/01 – WFC2060NL/01, WM20820 – WM21250 – WXB1060FF/60, WAE18060AU/11, WXB1060GB/01 – WXB1060GB/02, WAE16160ZA01, WFL2400AU, HWF-1200X, WAE18060AU04, WAE24460AU01, WAE2246AU01, HWF-800X, WFL2400AU20, WFL1880AU01, WFL1660, WFO2460AU21, WAE24270AU06, WFL2400AU/30, WFL2000AU20, WAE26470AU01, WFL1660AU30, WFL1800AU30, WFL2000AU27, WAE18060AU11, WAE18060AU01, WFL1800AU21, WAE22460AU09, WFL2060AU01, WAE24270AU01, WFL1660AU04, WAE22260AU01, WAE20260AU06, WFO2460AU18, WFL1600AU01, WAE18060AU09, WFL1660AU29, WAE18060AU05, WAE22260AU06, WAE22460AU01, WAE22460AU11, WFD1060BY01, WFL1880AU20, WAE26470AU09, WAE24270AU09, WAE24270AU11, WAE24460AU09, WAE24460AU11, WAE24460AU13, WAE24460AU14, WAE26470AU11, WFO2460AU16, WFL1600AU09, WFL2000AU04, WFL2000AU28, WFL2000AU30, WFL2480AU01, WFL2480AU04, WFL206KAU04, WAE20060AU01, WAE20060AU05, WAE20060AU09, WAE20060AU11, WAE20260AU01, WAE20260AU09, WAE22460AU13, WFL1660AU27, WFL1660AU28, WFL2080AU04, WAE26470AU13, WFL1800AU04, WFL1800AU27, WFL1800AU28, WFL1800AU29, WFL1880AU27, WFL1880AU28, WFL1880AU29, WFL1880AU30, WFL2080AU27, WFL2080AU28, WFL2080AU30, WFL2400AU27, WFL2400AU28, WFL2400AU30, WFO2060AU16, WFO2060AU18, WFO2060AU21, WHT0800AU04, WHT0800AU27, WHT0800AU28, WHT0800AU29, WHT0800AU30, WHT1200AU27, WHT1200AU28, WHT1200AU30, WXL147AUK19, WXL148AUK19, WXL167AUK16, WXLM148AUK19, WAE20260AU11, WFL1880AU26

Weight 500 kg