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  • 61006079 260mm Maytag Fridge defrost heater element

61006079 260mm Maytag Fridge defrost heater element


61006079 260mm Maytag Fridge defrost heater element. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

Genuine Maytag Part, not a chinese Copy!

Maytag Fridge defrost heater element with thermostat. Lenght: 260mm. Part number 61006079

This is a genuine Maytag replacement part. All Whirlpool and Maytag Spare parts come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Replaces the following part numbers: 266836, 1546758, 1774806, 1617367

Suits models: GS2726CEGW GS2726CEHQ, GC2220DEGB, GC2227CDFB, GC2227CDFW, GC2227DEDB, GC2227DEDW, GC2227EAD3, GC2227EAD5, GC2227EED0, GC2227EED3, GC2227EED5, GC2227SDFB, GC2227SDFW, GC2228EED3, GC2228EED5, GC2228EED9, GC2228EEDB, GC2228EEDW, GC2228GEH3, GC2228GEH5, GC2228GEH9, GC2228GEHB, GC2228GEHW, GC2229GEHB, GC2229GEHW, GC2327PEDB, GC2327PEDW, GC2328PED3, GC2328PED5, GS2726CEDB, GS2726CEDW, GS2726CEGW, GS2726CEHQ, GS2726CIDW, GS2727EAD1, GS2727EADW, GS2727EED1, GS2727EED3, GS2727EED5, GS2727EEDB, GS2727GAH1, GS2727GEH3, GS2727GEHB, GS2727GEHW, GS2728EEDB, GS2728EEDW, GS2728GEHB, GS2728GEHQ, GS2728GEHW, GS2787EKDA, GS2788EKDA, GS2788EKDQ, GS2788GKHQ, GS2928EEDB, GS2928EEDW, GS2987EKDA, GZ2727GEHQ, K3965X0, KF57U55, KF57U56, KFU5755, KG57U95SKD, KG66U55, KG66U920, KGU57990KD, KGU6655, KGU66920, KGU6695, KGU66990, MZ2727EEGB, MZ2727EEGW, R226D011, RISBS620PN, RISBS620RB, S60STRP, S61STRP, SRA22B, SRA23BN, TRIS245BBW, TRIS245FBW, AS2728GIHB, AS2728GIHW, AZ2727GIHB, AZ2727GIHW, GS2727EEDW, GZ2727GEHB, GC2227EED1, GS2727GAHI, KGU6699015, GC2227EE, GC2227GEH1, GZ2727GEHW

Weight 700 kg