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  • 694570055 Upper Spray Arm Smeg Dishwasher

694570055 Upper Spray Arm Smeg Dishwasher


694570055 Upper Spray Arm Smeg Dishwasher. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

694570055 Upper Spray Arm Smeg Dishwasher – May also suit some other imported products. 

DI612C, DWD638SSE, DWF612SS, DWF66SS, DWI612C, DWI67.1, UKSTX1-1, ST663, SA8605XT7, SA8210X, SA8210X-1, SA8210X-7, 600CDW, 653ELCN, ADW759FI1, ADW759FI2, ADW759FI3, APA6148N, APA6148X, BLV1AAZ, BLV1ANE, BLV1AO, BLV1AP, BLV1AR, BLV1ARO, BLV1AVE, BLV1AX, BLV1AZ-1, BLV1AZ, BLV1NE-1
Also suits Kleenmaid models DW6011 DW6010. Also replaces Smeg part number 694570071
Mr Appliance supply a complete range of Genuine Smeg Appliance Spare Parts. 

This is a genuine Smeg replacement Part. All Smeg spare parts come with a full 12 months manufacturers warranty. Smeg Spare parts are often suitable for Omega Appliances.

Replaces the following part numbers: 694570054, 694570071, 694570072, 694570111, 1617604, 1618516, 1650095, 1739917, 1681369

Suits models: SA614, ST6SA614, SA614-1, SA823, SA8200, ST6, SA673X, PL614X-1, SA628X, PL614WH-1, SA8605X7, BDW4610X, PL672EB, DWAFI152T, DWA314SD1, SA5562, SA683X, SA8605XT7, ST663, PL672X, PL663X, ST8605, PL8605X, SA8605XTD, SA672X, PL823X, ST693-1, ST693, SA8605X, DWAI152XT, DWAU157XT, SA8605X8, SA614X, SA8210XSS, SA5563WH, DWAU149XO, SA823X, SA663X, SA626X, ST662E, DW2002X, DW2006X, PL623X, DW2003X, SA8605W, SA662X, DW2005X, SA623X, SA622X, SA8605WTD, SA8210W-1, SA8200X, PL8210X, SA8211X2, SA8210X-1, SA8210X7, DW2006X7, PL2006X, SA8210W, DWAI149X, DWA314X, DWA315B, ODW204X, DWA157X, DWA149S, DWA315X, DWAFI149, DWA314*D, DWA157W, DWAU315X, DWAU149X, DWA147X, DWA149W

Weight 500 kg