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  • 844091603 Wire Shelf Rack Omega Oven

844091603 Wire Shelf Rack Omega Oven


844091603 Wire Shelf Rack Omega Oven. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

844091603 Oven Shelf Rack Smeg Oven C6GCVA8

46Cm X 35.5Cm

All Smeg spare parts come with a full 12 months manufacturers warranty. Smeg Spare parts are often suitable for Omega Appliances. Mr Apliance can Supply a complete range of Factory Original Spare Parts for Omega and Smeg Appliances 

Suits Models Including:CB60CSV8, CB60G8, CB60GV9, CB60SV8, CB60SV9, CLPI460N, CP60IX9, CP60X9, CS150-8, CS150NL-8, CS20-8, CS20FB-8, CS20NL-8, CS20NLA-8, CSA150X-8, CSP20-8, CSP20NL-8, CX60EMS8, CX60SV8, CX60SV9, F608AB, F608AN, F608SB, F608SB-1, F608X, F608X-1, F610AB, F610AN, F610X, FA608SB, FP610AB, FP610AN, FP610SBL, FP610SG, FP610SV, FP610X, JLFSEC608, JLFSEC610, JLFSMC607, JLFSMC609, JLRC904, JLRC905, JLRC906, JLRC907, JLRCBK105, JLRCSS104, OF601XZ, OF602XZ, SA109-8, SA109M-8, SA304X1-8, SA304X-8, SA306X-8, SA308X-8, SAP109-9, SAP109M-8, SAP306X-9, SC0468X-8, SC0485X-8, SC0521X-8, SC0578X-8, SC061X-8, SC081X-8, SC091X-8, SC106AL-8, SC107N-8, SC107SG-8, SC109-8, SC109-8C, SC109N-8, SC109SG-8, SC170-8, SC250X-8, SC420GN-8, SC700AX-8, SC700PO-8, SC750AO-8, SC750AS-8, SC750BS-8, SC750OT-8, SC750PO-8, SC750PX-8, SC750RA-8, SC750RWX8, SC800AVO8, SC800GAO9, SC800GPO9, SC800GVA8, SC800GVP8, SC800P-8, SC805A-8, SC805AO-8, SC805AO-9, SC805AVO8, SC805AVO9, SC805P-8, SC805P-9, SC805PO-8, SC805PO-9, SCB60GX9, SCB60MX9, SCD60CMX8, SCD60EMX8, SCD60EMX9, SCD60GX8, SCD60IMX8, SCD60MX8, SCD60MX9, SCP108-8, SCP108AL8, SCP108RB8, SCP108RN8, SCP108RS8, SCP108SG8, SCP109SG8, SCP490B-8, SCP490N-8, SCP490X-8, SCP570X-8, SCP750AX8, SCP750BS8, SCP805AO8, SCP805P-8, SCP805PO8, SCT105-8, SCT105N8, SCT105N-9, SCT105SG8, SCT105SG9, SCT109-8, SCT109B-8, SCT109N-8, SF750POL, SF750PS, SF750PX, SF750RA, SF750RWX, SF800A, SF800AO, SF800AVO, SF800B, SF800C, SF800P, SF800PO, SF805A, SF805P, SF850A, SF850APZ, SF850AVO, SF850P, SF850RA, SF850X, SFA130, SFA304X, SFA309X, SFA390X, SFP105, SFP105N, SFP106B, SFP109, SFP109B, SFP109N, SFP109S, SFP110N, SFP120B, SFP120N, SFP120PZ, SFP130, SFP130B, SFP130N, SFP130S, SFP140, SFP140B, SFP140S, SFP390X, SFP480X, SFP580X, SFP750AX, SFP750BS, SFP805A, SFP805AO, SFP805P, SFP805PO, SFPA130, SFPA130B, SFPA130N, SFPA140, SFPA309X, SFPA390X, SFT105, SFT105B, SFT105N, SFT105S, SFT470X, SFT805AO, SFT805PO, SNL60MX8, SNL60MX9, SY4110-8, SY4110BL8, SYD4110, TR4110AZ, TR4110BL, TR4110BL1, TR4110BLD, TR4110BLF, TR4110CNL, TR4110NNL, TR4110P, TR4110P1, TR4110PF, TR4110RO, TR4110RW1, TR4110RWF, TR4110S1, TR4110SF, TR4110SNL, TRA4110BL, TRA4110P, W320N, W320NX 

Weight 500 kg