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140101086019 Large Hotplate Element Westinghouse Cooktop


140101086019 Large Hotplate Element Westinghouse Cooktop. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

Part number A10108601 Genuine Large Hotplate Element (200mm, 2050W) for a Westinghouse Cooktop

previously known as part number A10108601

This is a Westinghouse spare part. Westinghouse is a part of the Electrolux Group, which owns the AEG, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often cross-compatibility between parts for all these brands.

We can supply a wide range of Cooktop, Oven & Stove spare parts for all brands.

If you aren’t sure if this part will suit your machine, or have any questions – don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Replaces the following part numbers: 0122004590, A10108601, M1546144

Suitable for the following model numbers: 61D810W*00 61D810W*18 61D810W*19 61D817W*00 61D817W*15 61D817W*18 61D817W*19 61D890R*00 61D890R*15 61D890R*18 61D890R*19 61D919W*00 61D919W*15 61D919W*18 61D919W*19 61D924W*00 61D924W*15 61D924W*18 61D924W*19 61F810W 61F810W*01 61F817W 61F890R 61F919W 62F841WN*27 62F851W 62F851W*27 62F854W 62F854W*27 75C974W*00 EBC5010W EBC5010W*04 EBC5010W*18 EBC5010W*19 EBC5010W*20 EBC5030W EBC5030W*04 EBC5030W*18 EBC5030W*19 EBC5030W*20 EBC5201W EBC5201W*04 EBC5201W*32 EBC5201W*41 EBC5201W*43 EBC5201W*53 EBC5201W*59 EBC5201W*61 EBC5241*43 EBC5241W EBC5241W*32 EBC5241W*34 EBC5241W*35 EBC5241W*53 EBC5241W*59 EBC5241W*61 EBC5261*43 EBC5261W EBC5261W*32 EBC5261W*34 EBC5261W*35 EBC5261W*53 EBC5261W*59 EBC5261W*61 EEC1230W-L EEC1230W-L*18 EEC1230W-L*20 EEC1230W-L*27 EEC1230W-L*29 EEC1230W-R EEC1230W-R*18 EEC1230W-R*20 EEC1230W-R*27 EEC1230W-R*29 EUC5110W EUC5110W*04 EUC5110W*18 EUC5110W*19 EUC5110W*20 EUC5130W EUC5130W*04 EUC5130W*18 EUC5130W*19 EUC5130W*20 EUC5330W EUC5330W*04 EUC5330W*18 EUC5330W*19 EUC5330W*20 PAJ140W*00 PAJ140W*13 PAJ140W*18 PAJ140W*19 PAJ140W*27 PAJ143W*00 PAJ143W*13 PAJ143W*18 PAJ143W*19 PAJ143W*27 PAJ161B*00 PAJ161B*13 PAJ161B*18 PAJ161B*19 PAJ161B*27 PAJ501R*00 PAJ501R*13 PAJ501R*18 PAJ501R*19 PAJ501R*27 PAJ509R*00 PAJ509R*18 PAJ509R*19 PAJ509R*27 PAJ518W*00 PAJ518W*13 PAJ518W*18 PAJ518W*19 PAJ518W*27 PAJ529B*00 PAJ529B*13 PAJ529B*18 PAJ529B*19 PAJ529B*27 PAK130W PAK130W*04 PAK130W*32 PAK130W*41 PAK130W*52 PAK130W*53 PAK130W*59 PAK130W*61 PAK140W PAK140W*32 PAK140W*35 PAK140W*52 PAK140W*53 PAK140W*59 PAK140W*61 PAK143W PAK143W*32 PAK143W*35 PAK143W*52 PAK143W*53 PAK143W*59 PAK143W*61 PAK161B PAK161B*02 PAK161B*32 PAK161B*35 PAK161B*52 PAK161B*53 PAK161B*59 PAK501R PAK501R*03 PAK501R*32 PAK501R*35 PAK501R*52 PAK501R*53 PAK501R*59 PAK509R PAK509R*03 PAK509R*32 PAK509R*35 PAK509R*40 PAK509R*52 PAK509R*53 PAK509R*59 PAK518W PAK518W*32 PAK518W*35 PAK518W*40 PAK518W*52 PAK518W*53 PAK518W*59 PAK529B PAK529B*02 PAK529B*32 PAK529B*35 PAK529B*40 PAK529B*52 PAK529B*53 PAK529B*59 POH773W*00 WLE522WA WLE525WA WLE527WA Suits Models: PAJ529B*13 PAJ518W*13 PAJ501R*13 PAJ161B*13 PAJ143W*13 PAJ140W*13 EEC1230W-R EEC1230W-L EUC5330W EUC5130W EUC5110W PAJ518W*00 PAJ509R*00 PAJ501R*00 PAJ529B*00 PAJ161B*00 61D924W*00 61D919W*00 61D890R*00 61D817W*00 61D810W*00 PAJ143W*00 PAJ140W*00 PAK518W 94000172666 PAK529B*59 PAK518W*59 PAK509R*59 PAK143W*61 PAK140W*61 PAK143W*59 PAK140W*59 61D817W*19 61D817W*18 WLE522WA 94000179920 WLE527WA 94000180316 940001803 WLE525WA 940001802 94000180309 94000180209 94000180315 94000180215 94000180319 94000180219 94000179919 62F841WN*27 94000180318 62F854W*27 62F851W*27 PAK130W*32 PAK130W*04 PAK140W PAK143W PAK161B PAK161B*02 PAK501R PAK501R*03 PAK509R PAK509R*03 PAK529B PAK529B*02 PAK140W*32 PAK143W*32 PAK161B*32 PAK501R*32 PAK509R*32 PAK518W*32 PAK529B*32 PAK140W*35 PAK143W*35 PAK161B*35 PAK501R*35 PAK509R*35 PAK518W*35 PAK529B*35 PAK140W*52 PAK143W*52 PAK161B*52 PAK501R*52 PAK509R*52 PAK518W*52 PAK529B*52 PAK140W*53 PAK143*53 PAK161B*53 PAK501R*53 PAK509R*53 PAK518W*53 PAK529B*53 PAJ140W*18 PAJ140W*19 PAJ143W*18 PAJ143W*19 PAJ161B*18 PAJ161B*19 PAJ501R*18 PAJ501R*19 PAJ509R*18 PAJ509R*19 PAJ518W*18 PAJ518W*19 PAJ529B*18 PAJ529B*19 EUC5110W*18 EUC5110W*19 EUC5110W*20 EUC5130W*18 EUC5130W*19 EUC5130W*20 EUC5330W*18 EUC5330W*19 EUC5330W*20 61F810W 61F817W 61F890R 61F919W EBC5201W*53 EBC5241W*53 EBC5261W*53 PAJ140W*27 PAJ143W*27 PAJ161B*27 PAJ501R*27 61D810W*18 61D810W*19 PAJ509R*27 61d817w*18 61d817w*19 PAJ518W*27 61D890R*18 61D890R*19 61D919W*18 61D919W*19 61D924W*18 61D924W*19 PAJ529B*27 EEC1230W-L*18 EEC1230W-L*20 EEC1230W-R*18 EEC1230W-R*20 EBC5201W*41 PAK509R*40 PAK518W*40 PAK529B*40 EBC5201W*32 EBC5241W*32 EBC5261W*32 EBC5201W*59 EBC5241W*59 EBC5261W*59 EBC5201W*61 EBC5241W*61 EBC5261W*61 EBC5201W EBC5241W EBC5261W EBC5241*43 EBC5261*43 EBC5010W*18 EBC5010W*19 EBC5010W*20 EBC5030W*18 EBC5030W*19 EBC5030W*20 61F810W*01 EEC1230W-L*27 EEC1230W-R*27 EEC1230W-L*29 PAK130W EEC1230W-R*29 PAK143W*53 EBC5241W*34 EBC5241W*35 EBC5261W*34 EBC5261W*35 EBC5201W*43 PAK130W*41 PAK130W*61 94000179913 94000179915 WLE525WA 94000180216 EBC5201W*04 PAK130W*52 PAK130W*53 PAK130W*59 62F851W 62F854W 61D890R*15 61D817W*15 EUC5110W*04 EUC5130W*04 EUC5330W*04 EBC5010W EBC5030W EBC5010W*04 EBC5030W*04 61d817W*15 61d890R*15 61D919W*15 61D924W*15