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CAP008 Capacitor 8 uF 440V Motor Start


CAP008 Capacitor 8 uF 440V Motor Start. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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CAP008 Capacitor 8 uF 440V Motor Start.

High performance 475 Vac 8.0 uF multi-purpose capacitor, plastic case, plastic stud M8, double-faston terminals, +/-5% tolerance, -25C to 85C thermal class Dimensions: 32 x 55 mm

Suits a range of Dishwashers and other appliances. Brands include Fisher and Paykel, Dishlex, Simpson and Haier. 

Universal capacitor to suit all machines with the same capacitor rating.

Replaces the following part numbers: 0588400004, 125653961, 133015100, 2920602, 427502P, 460833, CR421309208091, H00330506020B, 1655969, 1586717, 1587567, 1587887, 1586978, 1614390, 1939488, 1617255, 1917741

Suits models: 39S455J*01, EDV605S, LD505E, 52B862BW*04, 52B860BW*06, 52B864BW*04, 52B864BW*05, 50B881BW*03, 52B866BW*05, 39D505SR*12, 52B860FW*06, 52B860FW*05, 52B866BW*04, 39P350J*02, 39S505E*02, 50B881BW*02, 39S500J*02, KED300, 52B840BW*03, 52B850SF*00, 39S512E*01, 39B510SA*12, 39S555J*01, 52B860MW*02, 39S555J*02, FS50EA*01, 39S550J*01, 52B860BW*05, 52B862BW*02, 52B860BC*03, 52B864BW*03, EDV505, 39P450J*02, 39S512E*02, 39S455J*02, 52B880MW*03, 52B880MC*03, 39D512SA*13, 39S505E*03, EDV605, 39S512E*03, 52B85WF*00, 39D505SR*13, 52B860FW-000, 52B860BW-000, 52B860BB-000, 52B862BW-000, 52B864BW-000, 52B866BW-000, 52B868BW-000, 52B880BW-000, 52B880BB-000, 52B880MW-000, 52B880MB-000, 52B860FW*02, 52B860FW*03, 52B860BW*02, 52B860BW*03, 52B860BC*02, 39S550J*02, 39D512SA*12, 52B862BW*03, 52B864BW*02, SB905WE*00, 52B866BW*02, 52B866BW*03, 52B868BW*02, 52B868BW*03, 52B880BW*02, 52B880BW*03, 52B880BC*02, 52B880BC*03, 52B880MW*02, 50B861BW*02, 52B880MC*02, 52B862BW*05, 50B861W*00, 50B86BW*01, 50B881BW*00, 50B881BW*01, SA904B*00, SA904B*01, SA904B*02, SA904B*03, SA904B*04, SB904B*01, SB904B*02, 52B860BW*04, 52B860FW*04, 52B860MW*01, LD605EB, LD505EB*01, LD505EB, EDE605A*00, LD605EB*00, LD505EB*00, LD500B*00, 39S505EM*00, 39S600M*00, 39S500M*00, 39P400M*00, LD605EB*01, 39S600M, 39S500M, 39P400M, 39S555K*02, 39S555K*01, 39S550K*02, 39S550K*01, 39S500K*02, 39S500K*01, 39S455K*02, 39S455K*01, 39P450K*02, 39P450K*01, 39P350K*02, 39P350K*01, 39S500J*01, 52B840BW*02, 52B840BW*01, EDV6051 91600206201, EDV6051 91600206202, EDV6051 91600206203, EDV6051 91600206200, ED56, AD55AU 93214B, HDC80E1

Weight 500 kg