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Panasonic Spare Parts

We have access to the complete range of Panasonic spare parts, sourced only from Panasonic Australia. This includes Panasonic TV, DVD, and theatre system remote controls. In your kitchen we have Panasonic Fridge and Dishwasher spare parts, and for the laundry we have spare parts for your Panasonic Washing machine (front loader) and even the Vacuum Cleaner. 

If the part you need is not here, please contact us with the Model number from your Panasonic Appiance and we can source the genuine part for you. we may even have it in our warehouse. 

IMPORTANT - as Panasonic is a Japanese Company, they have a large presence in Asia. That means that Asian countries like China, Taiwan and the Philippines are all spitting out cheap copies of the common Panasonic parts. Most prevalent of these knock-offs is the remote controls. Even if they say it's genuine, and have the Panasonic logo stamped on it, if you find someone selling parts significantly less than our price - THEY ARE FAKES. You paid a premium price for your Panasonic Appliances for a reason - becasue it's better quality.