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  • 1170000708 Bottom Element (1300W) Glemgas Oven

1170000708 Bottom Element (1300W) Glemgas Oven


1170000708 Bottom Element (1300W) Glemgas Oven. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

Quality 1300W Technika and Ariston Lower Oven Element, 

Oven element part 1170000708, also known as 145660, 11700007081, 1170000708, 1170000008 IM12-02 and GC566-1170

Suits several brands including Ariston, Technika and Baumatic Oven & Cooker

1300W lower oven element or base element to fit the Baumatic built in ovens listed.

Measurements: Height: 325mm, Width: 340mm, Bracket: 100mm, Tags: 55mm

Replaces the following part numbers: 10110509, 482290, GC566-1170H, IM22-01, 00203144, 945510, 1170001134, 3130825, 3130819, 1170000008, N1170000008, 566-1170, B60112, 1170000708, 5086, 33159, IRCA, 3136821, 104413S, 12-02, 20.40392.000, 3169421R, 327007, 945660, GL012-02, GLO12-02, GLO1202, N170000008, N1700008, X1170000008, GC566-1170, IM12-02, B59PTIP/1, N1700008/S, 4104413S, 4104413, GC5661170, 3130821, 10401, 1681760, 1681260, 1770859, 1778779

Suits models: EF6AI, B59V1, B59FTV1, B59MTI, B50STIP, B59PTIP/1, B59STIP/1, B59PTWT, L156W, L156SS, L136SS, L186SS, HC01-SS, PAO160021, BA484SS, BT187SS, BO65MS.1, B60112, BT1900, F6TPTI, B59FTI/P, B50E1TW/ITW, B50STIP/1, B50STWP/1, B59FTW/1, DAO6005, EF6A1, B5OST1P-1, BS95TWP, L13-6FS, L136FS, BI53SS, V06SS, FSO-60P, VC06SS, L186, 09X803, BA187SS, F6, B59STWP-1, 9036R300, B50STWP-1, LIO6001, LAS3SS, B153SS, KM3130821, KM3130825, BAO6003-P, OA-40, OA14-1, OA40X, OA-60 EUROPA, OA64X, OA64, OA2100, EF60CSS, VOD69S, VO65S, VO67S, T888MTKISS, B60MTKISS, B60MTDISS, T888VGXSS, BO665SS, BAO4636-P

Weight 600 kg