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  • 1447210 Bottom Right Hinge Plate Westinghouse Fridge

1447210 Bottom Right Hinge Plate Westinghouse Fridge


1447210 Bottom Right Hinge Plate Westinghouse Fridge. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

Hinge plate Bottom RH Westinghouse, Kelvnator, Simpson, Electrolux. Black steel.

Genuine Electrolux part – 12 Months Warranty – Immediate Delivery. Price Match Guarantee for Best Prices!

Suits the following models KTM5200WB*08 RH 925042404 KTM5200PC RH 925042796 KTM4400WB*08 RH 925042405 KTM4400WB*08 LH 925042417 KTM4200WB*08 RH 925042406 KTM3900WB*08 RH 925042408 KTM3900PC RH 925042791 KTM3600WB*08 RH 925042409 EBE5100SE-R 925042696 EBE4300SE-R 925042694 WBM4000SB ML08 925042290 WBM5100WB ML08 925042216 WBM5100PB ML08 925042244 WBM4300WB ML08 925042210 WBM4300PB ML08 925042212 WBM4000WB ML08 925042288 WBM3700WB ML08 925042238 925042237 WBM3700SB ML08 925042236 WBM3700PB ML08 925042240 WFM3600WB ETM5202PB-RSA 925042630 ETM4402PB-RSA 925042634 ETE5202SB-RE 925042541 ETE4402SB-RE 925042537 ETM5202PB-RE 925042543 ETM4402PB-RE 925042539 ETE5202SB-RT 925042540 ETE4402SB-RT 925042536 ETM5202PB-RT 925042542 ETM4402PB-RT 925042538 ETM5202PB-RPH 925042476 ETM4402PB-RPH 925042474 FT527SA SBM5100WA*3 SBM4300WA*3 SBM3800WA*3 STM3000MA*3 FB517SA WBE5160SC 925042861 SBM3800MB SBM5100MA*3 SBM3800MA*3 EFM3600WB EFM3000WB STM3000MA WTM3900SB WTM3900WB WTM4200PB WTM4200WB WTM4400WB WTM5200PB WTM5200WB WTE4200SB WTE5200SB EBM4300SC EBM5100SC WBM3700PB WBM3700SB WBM3700WB WBM4000SB WBM4000WB WBM4300PB WBM4300WB WBM5100PB WBM5100WB KTM3600WB KTM3900WB KTM4200WB KTM4400WB KTM5200WB WTM2800WB WTM2800PB WTM3000WB WTM3000PB WTM3300WB WTM3300PB WBM4300PB*07 WBM4300WB*07 WBM5100PB*07 WBM5100WB*07 WTM3900SB*07 WTM3900WB*07 WTM4200PB*07 WTM4200WB*07 WTM4400WB*07 WTM5200PB*07 WTM5200WB*07 KTM3600WB*07 KTM3900WB*07 KTM4200WB*07 KTM4400WB*07 KTM5200WB*07 WBM4300PB*06 WBM4300WB*06 WTM3900SB*06 WBM5100PB*06 WTM3900WB*06 WBM5100WB*06 WTM4200PB*06 WTM4200WB*06 WTM4400WB*06 WTM5200PB*06 WTM5200WB*06 KTM3600WB*06 KTM3900MB*06 KTM3900WB*06 KTM4200WB*06 KTM4400WB*06 KTM5200MB*06 KTM5200WB*06 EHE5107SA 925042468 WTM2800WB*01 WTM2800PB*01 WTM3000WB*01 WTM3000PB*01 WTM3300WB*01 WTM3300PB*01 WHE5000SA 925042641 WTM2800WB ML08 WTM2800PB ML08 WTM3000WB ML08 WTM3000PB ML08 WTM3300WB ML08 WTM3300PB ML08 STM3000WA STM3300WA STM3600WA STM3900WA STM4400WA STM5200WA WRM3700PB WRM3700WB WRM4300SB WRM4300WB ETM3600WB ETM3900SB ETM4200WB ETM4200SB ETM5200WB ETM5200SB ETM3900WB EBM3800WB EBM4300WB EBM4300SB EBM5100WB EBM5100SB WBE4300SB WBE5100SB ETM4200SC ETM5200SC RJ393V*10 RJ423V*10 RJ523V*10 RJ525V*10 WFM3000PB WFM3000WB WFM3600SB WFM36000WB STM3000WA*3 STM3300WA*3 STM3600WA*3 STM3900WA*3 STM4400WA*3 STM5200WA*3 EBE4300SC EBE5100SC KBM3800WB KBM4300WB KBM5100WB KTM3900MB KTM5200MB ERM3701WC-X KTM3600WA*06 KTM3900MA*06 KTM3900WA*06 KTM4200WA*06 KTM4400WA*06 KTM5200MA*06 KTM5200WA*06 WTM4200PA WTM5200PA EBM4307SC EBM5107SC EBM43O7SA EBM5I07SA WTM3900SA*06 WTM3900WA*06 WTM4200PA*06 WTM4200WA*06 WTM4400WA*06 WTM5200PA*06 WTM5200WA*06 ETM4407SC ETM5207SC ERM4307SC STM4200WB WTM4404SB-L 925042588 WTM4404SB-R 925042587 WTM5204SB-L 925042586 WTM5204SB-R 925042585 EBE5100SB*01 EBE4300SB*01 ERM3701WA EBE4307SD-R 925042811 EBE4307SD-L 925042810 EBE5107SD-R 925042813 EBE5107SD-L 925042812 ETM4200SD 925042823 ETM5200SD 925042825 HBE4307SD-R 925042845 HBE5107SD-R 925042843 FBE5107SD-R 925042841 EBM4300SD 925042801 EBM5100SD 925042803 925042802 925042804 EBM4307SA EBM5107SA ETE4200SC ETE5200SC WBM4304SBL 925042590 925042589 WBM5104SB-L 925042592 WBM5104SB-R 925042591 ERM3700WB ERM4300WB STM4200WA EBE5107BA WRM3700PB ML08 925041019 925041018 WRM3700WB ML08 925041017 925041016 WRM4300SB ML08 925041023 925041022 WRM4300WB ML08 925041021 925041020 KBM5100MB KBM3800MB KBM3800PC 925042790 925042789 KBM3800WB*08 925042426 925042414 KBM4300WB*08 925042424 925042412 KBM5100PC 925042793 925042794 KBM5100WC 925042744 925042743 KBM3800WB*06 KBM3800MB*06 KBM4300WB*06 KBM5100MB*06 KBM5100WB*06 KBM3800WB*07 KBM4300WB*07 KBM5100WB*07 WBM4300PA*06 WBM4300WA*06 WBM5100PA*06 WBM5100WA*06 EBE5167SD RH 925042860 WRM4300SA KTM2800WA ML00 KTM2800WA ML01 KTM3000WA ML00 KTM3000WA ML01 KTM3300WA ML00 KTM3300WA ML01 ETE4200SB*01 ETE5200SB*01 KBM3800MA*06 KBM3800WA*06 KBM4300WA*06 KBM5100MA*06 KBM5100WA*06 WTM5200SA EBE4300SB EBE5100SB KTM4200WA ERM3701WD WBM5100PA BJ383V*10 BJ433V*10 BJ513V*10 BJ515V*10 WBM3700WA WBM5100SA WBM3700SA WBM4000WA WBM4000SA STM3900MA*3 STM5200MA*3 WBM4304SBR 925042589 WBM5104SCL 925042708 WBM5104SCR EBE4300SE EBE5100SE WBM5100WC-R WBM5100WC-L WBM5100WCR 925042710 WBE5100SC EBE4300SD-R 925042806 EBE4300SD-L 925042805 EBE5100SD-R 925042808 EBE5100SD-L 925042807 STM3900WB ETE4407SD-R 925042827 ETE5207SD-R 925042829 ETE4200SB ETE5200SB ERM43O7SD ERM4307SD 923041050 ERM3701WE WRM3700PA WFM3000PA ETM4407SA ETM5207SA WTM2900WB-X WTM3300WB-X HRM4307SDRE SBM3800WA SBM4300WA SBM5100WA SBM3800WB SBM4300WB STM3900MB ERM3707SA FR377SA WFM3600SA WTM3900SB ML08 925042380 WTM3900WB ML08 925042219 WTM4200WB ML08 925042224 WTM4400WB ML08 925042378 WTM5200WB ML08 925042230

Electrolux are the owners of the AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often crossover between parts for all these brands.

Weight 400 kg