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  • 4055259651 Lower Basket Roller Electrolux Dishwasher

4055259651 Lower Basket Roller Electrolux Dishwasher


4055259651 Lower Basket Roller Electrolux Dishwasher. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

4055259651. Lower basket wheel to fit AEG, Electrolux and Zanussi dishwasher

Replaces AEG Part number 8996464034868

SUITS models as listed below. AEG 911232218, ESL6251, F3A, F40300, F50750VI, F8081I-D, F8081I-W, F8081W, FAV3020-W GB, FAV3020ID, FAV3020IW, FAV3220 I-D, FAV3220 I-W, FAV35080VI, FAV3A, FAV4020-W GB, FAV4020I-D GB, FAV4020I-W GB, FAV40250I-D, FAV40250I-W, FAV40250ID, FAV40250IW, FAV40260I-D, FAV40260I-W, FAV40260ID, FAV40260IW, FAV40300W, FAV40310 -W, FAV4040-W, FAV4040-W GB, FAV4041-W GB, FAV40630 -W, FAV40630 W, FAV40630W, FAV40640 -W, FAV40650, FAV40660, FAV40660I-D, FAV40660I-M, FAV40660I-W, FAV40660ID, FAV40660IM, FAV40660IW, FAV40740W, FAV40850, FAV40850S, FAV40860, FAV40860S, FAV4220 I D, FAV4220 I W, FAV43070VI, FAV44050I-W, FAV44050VI, FAV44070ID, FAV44070IM, FAV44070IW, FAV44070VI, FAV44080IA, FAV44080IB, FAV44080ID, FAV44080IM, FAV44080IW, FAV5040 D, FAV5040 I B, FAV5040 I D, FAV5040 I M, FAV5040 I W, FAV5040 W, FAV5040-D GB, FAV5040-W GB, FAV5040I-B GB, FAV5040I-D GB, FAV5040I-M GB, FAV5040I-W GB, FAV5050-W, FAV50500W, FAV5050I-W, FAV50610W, FAV50620 -W, FAV5070 W, FAV50700 -W, FAV50700W, FAV50730W, FAV50740W, FAV50750, FAV50750I D G, FAV50750I M G, FAV50750IA, FAV50750ID, FAV50750IM, FAV50750IW, FAV50750VI, FAV50750VI G, FAV50760, FAV50760I-A, FAV50760I-D, FAV50760I-M, FAV50760I-W, FAV50760IA, FAV50760ID, FAV50760IM, FAV50760IW, FAV50850M, FAV6040-W, FAV6040-W GB, FAV6069-W, FAV6069-W GB, FAV60750VI, FAV60750VI G, FAV60800, FAV60800W, FAV60820W, FAV60830W, FAV60860M, FAV60870M, FAV65050I-A, FAV65050I-B, FAV65050I-M, FAV65050I-W, FAV65050IA, FAV65050IM, FAV65050UM, FAV65050VI, FAV65053UM, FAV65053UW, FAV65070IA, FAV65070IB, FAV65070IM, FAV65070UM, FAV65070VI, FAV7080-W GB, FAV7080I-D GB, FAV7080I-W GB, FAV8080-W, FAV8080-W GB, FAV80800, FAV80800W, FAV8081I-D, FAV8081IW, FAV80820W, FAV80850, FAV80850IM, FAV80850IW, FAV80860, FAV80860I-M, FAV80860I-W, FAV80860IM, FAV80860IW, FAV85050VI, FAV86050VI, FAV86070VI, FAV88070IM, FAV88070VI, FAVACTIVEAA, KOKDW3 Electrolux ESF 6250X, ESF 630 -W, ESF 630-W, ESF630 WEISS, ESF630 DEP, ESF630-W, ESF631W, ESF650, ESF650-W, ESF655 WEISS, ESF660 WEISS, ESF665 WEISS, ESF665 WEISS, ESF670K SCHWARZ, ESF675, ESF675 WEISS, ESF675 W, ESF685 WEISS, ESF685 WEISS, ESI 680-W, ESI6220 W, ESI6220 X, ESI6220W, ESI6220X, ESI6251X, ESI630-B, ESI630-W, ESI660 WEISS, ESI660K SCHWARZ, ESI661, ESI661 WEISS, ESI661K, ESI661K SCHWARZ, ESI661X, ESI661X EDELSTAHL, ESI680 CH, ESI680 NSFSDK, ESI680K CH, ESI680K NSFSDK, ESI680X, ESI680X CH, ESI680X NSFSDK, ESL 6225, ESL6225, ESL6226 Zanussi ZSF6171, ZSF6280, FAV86050IM 91123507301 911235073 FAV6281IW 91123443702 FAV6281IM 91123443602 91123443603 FAV80850IM 91123466501 FAV4270IM 911234433 FAV6281IB 91123443801 91123443701 91123443601 FAV86050UM 91123621401 FAV40730W 91123258302 FAV6081 W 91123231702 FAV8080IW 911234040 FAV8080IB 911234047 FAV8081I M 91123442901 FAV6050I-W 911234174 911234175 91123417401 FAV6050I-B 91123417501 FAV60820W 91123258401 FAV80800W 911232427 FAV4070W 91123231601 FAV44050UM 91123621300 

Replaces part Number: 4055259651 and 1772232

Electrolux are the owners of the AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often crossover between parts for all these brands. 

Weight 500 kg