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6003-001729 Screw M4X38 Samsung Tv Stand


6003-001729 Screw M4X38 Samsung Tv Stand. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

6003-001729 Screw M4X38 Samsung TV Stand

This is a genuine Samsung replacement part. All Samsung Spare parts come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Specification – PH,+,WSP,S,M4,L38,ZPC(BLK)

May be known by other part numbers, including: 1655611

Suits Models: FPT5084, FPT5094W, FPT5884, FPT5894W, HPT4254, HPT4264, HPT5054, HPT5064, NSP42Q10A, NSP501Q10A, NSP502Q10A, PL42A410C1D, PL42A410C2D, PL42A440P1D, PL42A450P1, PL42A450P1D, PL42B450B1D, PL42C91HP, PL42E91H, PL42Q91HDP, PL42Q91HP, PL50A410C1D, PL50A440P1D, PL50A450P1, PL50A450P1D, PL50A550S1, PL50A550S1F, PL50A610T1R, PL50A650T1F, PL50A650T1R, PL50B450B1, PL50C91H, PL50Q91HDP, PL50Q91HP, PL58A550S1F, PL58A650T1F, PN42A400C2D, PN42A410C1D, PN42A410C2D, PN42A450P1D, PN42B400P3D, PN42B430P2D, PN42B450B1D, PN50A400C2D, PN50A410C1D, PN50A450P1D, PN50A460S4D, PN50A510P3F, PN50A530S2F, PN50A550S1F, PN50A650T1F, PN50A760T1F, PN50B400P3D, PN50B430P2D, PN50B450B1D, PN50B530S2F, PN50B540S3F, PN50B550T2F, PN50B560T5F, PN50B650S1F, PN50B850Y1F, PN58A550S1F, PN58A650T1F, PN58A760T1F, PN58B530S2F, PN58B540S3F, PN58B550T2F, PN58B560T5F, PN58B650S1F, PN63B550T2F, PN63B590T5F, PS50A410C1, PS50B450B1, SUR40, PS50A410C1DXXY, PS42A450P1D-XXY, PS42B430P2D, PS42B450B1D

Weight 500 kg